Create a rule that means the chat is replaced with the feedback widget when chat is offline

We are using the chat widget on our website, and we would like an option that would allow for the feedback widget to appear only when chat is offline.

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Hi Katie,

I understand your concern here, but we do not have a feature to directly to route the customers to the feedback widget page. However, if you have embedded the feedback widget on your website then you could inform the customers through the missed chat form.

That, under Admin >> Live chat >> Visitor form >> Missed chat form >> In the message text box you could add the link.

I hope this information assists with your requirement. Please feel free to reach us at any time in case of any further queries and we would be more than happy to help you.


I have just found this idea after submitting my own! The differences between the FreshDesk and FreshChat widgets are subtle, but I think the FreshDesk widget is much better for out of hours contact as it lets you extract information from the visitor in a more structured way. You can then use automations in FreshDesk to assign it to a group, type or issue/sub-category. With the FreshChat to FreshDesk ticket integration tickets created during the evening (out of office) are just an unstructured mess in the morning that someone has to go through assigning to the correct teams.

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