Freshdesk release notes for 20th April, 2017

Enhancements (5):

  • All Freshdesk emails will now be parsed by our own service (MIME)
  • Email ticket threading will now function correctly between Freshdesk portals
  • All Reports can be filtered by Tags and Dependent drop down fields
  • Ticket metrics and Tags can now be exported tickets in all Reports after a drill down, to get more context for an admin
  • Validation check for tickets missing required fields on bulk resolve / close on ticket list page

Bug Fixes (1):

  • Bugfix related to “automatically assign ticket to first responder” observer rule not working in some cases when combined with the “Send and set as <status>” action on the ticket page.

Good stuff! thanks!

Can you elaborate on "Email ticket threading will now function correctly between Freshdesk portals"? This might relate to a problem we had recently dealing with a partner that also had a Freshdesk portal, so I'm curious if this fix resolves that.

Hello James,

Email ticket threading was originally designed to work only when an external customer corresponds with a Freshdesk helpdesk, not when two businesses correspond with each and both use Freshdesk as their helpdesk system.  With this release, we have put in an enhancement to fix that, so it works seamlessly on both sides of the communication including Reply and Forward scenarios.

Hope that helps!



Hi Sudha, thank you for the details about email threading enhancement. In the past, you (Freshdesk) provided more details to each enhancement. I say this because I feel a lot of these enhancements are relevant to many Freshdesk Users, but it is hard to understand the changes without a description, screenshots, or even a video. Why not explain updates as you did before in greater detail? Without doing so you run the risk of your users not taking advantage of these additional upgrades/features... Hoping that you can provide this :)

Sudha, weren't dependent fields always in the Filters of the Reports? What exactly was the change for the dependent fields in Reports? 


I agree, more details in release announcements please.



Hello Adam,

We will explain big feature releases with appropriate solution articles, screenshots and videos. This forum is meant for Release notes, bug fixes and only for smaller enhancements.

Also, regarding the enhancement to filtering in Reports, you are right we already did support filtering by Dependent drop down fields and there's been no change to that. The enhancement we did was about Custom drop downs used in Sections in Dynamic forms which are also shown in Reports filters. Dynamic forms are explained here -



Thank you Sudha.

What is this can of page?
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