Freshdesk release notes for 30th May, 2017


New Features (1):

  • The ticket lifecycle report is now available for all Forest and Estate customers

Bug Fixes (8):

  • Bug fix related to feedback widget submissions not going through
  • Bug fix related to timestamp conversion in CSV export
  • Bug fix related to text content in ticket lifecycle report
  • Bug fix related to exceptions when ticket lifecycle report is loaded
  • Bug fix related to detecting Hebrew language encoding in incoming emails
  • Bug fix related to ticket details page freeze while reassigning ticket to a group that is outside the current agent’s scope
  • Bug fix related to JIRA integration that caused public ticket URLs to not work
  • Bug fixes related to Italian and Arabic languages in the product

Enhancements (1):

  • Improved data refresh frequency for all reports (earlier our highest plans had 4 hours) - Forest: 30 mins, Estate and Garden: 1 hour, Blossom and Sprout: 24 hours.

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This is great! Happy to know about the new feature. Keep it up, guys!

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