Anyone else seeing FD lose emails?

I've had several instances lately where customers have emailed in, and no ticket has been created. FD support has thus far provided only a lame "our servers are behind" excuse which is bullsh*t because the ticket is NEVER opened. 

I just opened (another) P1 with support to get it resolved. Is anyone else seeing the same problem (unfortunately the only way to tell is either audit your inbound address or they contact you via some other means...)

THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM and I will abandon the platform if I see it again. 


Hi Keith,

That is unfortunate to know. Sorry for the trouble.

Could you please share provide us with the ticket ID that you have with us, so that we can look into this further. 

Could you also please confirm that these tickets are not present in your spam folder in the tickets tab ? 

Best Regards,


You mean ticket #1218787 - P1 *URGENTLost another inbound email!!! that there has been ZERO response to? That ticket with full email headers included? Maybe you have the same problem I do...

Apologies for the lack of updates on the ticket and the trouble here. Could you please check and let me know if you have the restricted helpdesk feature turned on under Admin->Helpdesk. If this is turned on and if the domains are not chosen, a new ticket would not be created. 

If that is the case here, could you please choose "Users from any domain" can create tickets and see if this issue is present ? 

Attached is a screenshot for your reference. 

Looking forward to hear from you on this. 


Thank you Thryam, that looks like it was the problem. Users in both cases had multiple valid email domains and we had the account created for only one of them

I would recommend you implement this a little differently so that failures can be troubleshot better - e.g. create deleted tickets vs silent failure since it's hard to predict all the use-cases that might arise.

Appreciate the help though, confidence restored. 


Glad to know that the solution helped ! 

Yes, we will look to add more clarity to this. I will also be resolving the ticket you had raised to us :) 

Thanks for your patience.


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