Poloniex Support Tickets not being addressed - Withdrawals Awaiting Approval

Hi Freshdesk Support,

As of now, many users are unable to withdraw Bitcoin and other coins from Poloniex members of the community and they are starting to call the exchange into question. Reports of withdrawal orders 'awaiting approval' for days before being deleted are begin to appear on forums. All they do is sending auto-generated emails stating support agent will soon be in touch, but support tickets are not getting any updates or response, sometimes even for days or weeks. Could you please provide us a detailed information why this is currently happening on Poloniex and how it could be resolved?


Mark Russel Anda

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I have been having this problem with Poloniex. I have submitted 2 different tickets with different issues with coin transfers. The Doge transfer has been sitting pending for 5 days now and no reply to any of my questions. I was hoping to find an answer in here but no luck.

Hello there,

Thanks for reaching out to Freshdesk Support. Going by your concern, we believe that the emails from the customers are not getting delivered to your Freshdesk account.

If that's the case, could you please check if you have received the customer's response on your support mailbox? If you've received the emails on your support mailbox, we request you to send an email to with the email headers so that we could look into the logs from our end.


Thankyou for replying. I have no record at all from the support desk, except for when I signed up and your reply to this question, so only 2 emails and none pertaining to my two complaints.

I have had Doge lingering in space somewhere since 18th June and I cannot even locate the coins anywhere on any blockchain trackers.

The same with the ETC that I tried to transfer on 24th June. Nowhere to be found !!

Please let me know how I can get back these missing coins ?

Thanks for your reply, Donald. Since your concern is related to your Poloniex account, you'd need to get in touch with Poloniex Support. Unfortunately, we cannot be of much help here, sorry about that.


I have been experiencing an inability to withdraw because I'm 'Awaiting Approval.' I've confirmed, sent a number of messages and have had no response to my request from over 4 days ago. I was under the assumption that the policy for matters like this was a remedy within 24 hours. Can someone help me?