Process for sychronizing existing Freshdesk tickets to a new (but supported) CRM?

What is the process for sychronizing existing Freshdesk tickets to a new CRM?

Here's the scenario:

  1. We use Freshdesk without a CRM for a while. Days, months, years. Lots of tickets are created. We use an unsupported-by-Freshdesk CRM right now, so there's no integration between Freshdesk and CRM contact records.
  2. We adopt a Freshdesk-supported CRM (which one is not yet determined) in the future. We want the contacts in our Freshdesk customer list to have their Freshdesk ticket history synchronized with (properly connected to) our Freshdesk-supported CRM's contact records for those same clients.
When no contact record exists in our CRM for a given customer email address which is in Freshdesk, we want to be notified somehow and have an easy process to remedy that.

And so on. All manner of problems could come from this. I'd like to know what the process is for syncing in such a case. Do you guys have documentation on this?


We really need to hear back on this from the Freshdesk folks.

Freshdesk staff, I really need to hear back from you on this. We're nearing the end of our evaluation period.

Hi Mr Smith,

Firstly; my strong advice is that you raise a support ticket to Freshdesk instead of posting in the forums when you have a concrete question like this, it will give you much quicker help. Normally within hours. Or you can even try to go on the chat. If they can't help online they create a ticket and have someone to come back to you via email.

But to answer your question: there are several ways to have this integration done and it all boils down to what CRM tool you select and how well it's integrated with Freshdesk. For starters it might be a good idea to export all users from the customer database in Freshdesk and have them imported and matched to records in your new CRM. Customers who doesn't exist in your CRM should be added as new records.

When this is done your databases are in sync, and now it's a question how they will be kept in sync. Some tools support 2 way integrations where you can have records in the CRM updated/added based on new tickets in Freshdesk. Others just have a 1 way integration, where you can display info from the CRM in Freshdesk if there is a match.

For many systems that doesn't have a built in Freshdesk integration you can use Zapier ( to achieve the integration.

Another alternative can be to use the webhooks in the Dispatcher rules to take actions in a CRM when tickets are created in Freshdesk.

If you haven't decided about what CRM tool to use I suggest you to take a look at Freshsales ( Since both Freshdesk and Freshsales are developed by Freshworks the products are, needless to say, well integrated with each other.

Good luck in the CRM tool hunt and getting the integration up and running!

// Marcus

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