Need reports: "% tickets closed this week" and "% tickets closed last week"

We need to create the following reports:

  • This week to date: % of tickets which were in an open state at any time this week so far that were closed during this week and are still closed.

  • Last week: % of tickets which were in an open state at any time last week that were in a closed state at the moment last week ended.

Are these reports possible with Freshdesk?

Additionally: Our business week ends Saturday night, so that's a factor that we need to include when defining "last week" and "this week" in such reports.

We really need to hear back on this. Our trial is nearly over.

I would say tickets aren't getting answered any faster than before. Well, depending on which category you select you might get a quick response. If it doesn't relate to payment issues or account loss, tickets just don't get answered.

That's really disappointing. It's an especially bad type of reputation to have for a company selling a ticketing/help solution.

Hi Smith,

Generally, the reports in Freshdesk display the real-time data. The metrics and data are calculated/displayed based on the ticket’s status in the time range that you have chosen.

I understand that you are looking out for a report that would display the tickets that were open in a specific time period and closed at the end of a specific time range. Currently, we do not have a report that would generate this.

Could you add this request to the list of customer requests?

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