Populating Data in Freshdesk from Salesforce

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Last week we went live with phase 1 of our Freshdesk launch.  It was a fairly simple deploy for one of our internal teams and it seems to work.  However, that first deployment was self-contained, phase-2 requires us to populate the Freshdesk tickets with Account Name used in Salesforce.  Now, we can't use the Freshdesk/Salesforce app as this uses the email address you log the call in Freshdesk, as the key to look up from Salesforce and as only internal staff will use Freshdesk and hence the details pulled back will always be for our organisation and not the customer.  So I'm asking anyone for some alternatives using the API/Custom Apps?

Ideally, we'd like to populate a field in Freshdesk with all of the customers from Salesforce so they could chose the Customer details we need... and then pull the rest from Salesforce...  Does anyone have starting points or advice on how to do this?

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This would be a great feature to have. 


I've been told that the only way we can do this is to create a custom app, so I'm going to post some questions in the Developer Forums for advice.

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