"is_merged" property in API

I want to run some internal analysis on the tickets on freshdesk. The reports at Helpdesk in Depth exclude merged tickets from all computations (correct me if I'm wrong). All analysis is only on the tickets which haven't been merged.

When you fetch tickets from the API, you can't figure out whether the ticket is merged to some other ticket. Please provide a feature to figure this thing out easily.

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Please confirm if this feature is going to roll out in near future.

Is there currently a way to determine? (other than looking for the last conversation for specific text, that is)

We need this also - our users want merged tickets excluded from our Power BI reporting on Freshdesk tickets but I haven't been able to come up with a way to do this.

@Laura - Hello - as I mentioned - if it is an absolute need, you can check the conversations associated with the ticket.  The last conversation  would contain the text: "This ticket is closed and merged into ticket XXXX"

 hope it helps

I used my own work around, as described above

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