Ticket properties are missing (need refresh)

I have noticed many times that when opening a ticket that the ticket properties are not there! 
I need to refresh every time and then they are back.

Is this an issue that many encounters?

Side effect: I cannot add a note. If I click reply, then the whole page refreshes and then it works fine

Hi Stefanos,

Sorry for the late post.This wasn't a commonly noticed issue and it should be something specific to your account/environment. Were you able to solve this or do you still see this occurring in your helpdesk?


No worries. We have investigated on it a bit and we think that it might be some extra functionality we have ontop using the API. So, it seems it is on our side than on Freshdesk's.

Thank you anyway! 

Thanks for the confirmation,Stefanos. Should you have any questions, drop us a note here or shoot an email to . Happy to help :)