bug: priority color displaying incorrectly in mobile app v3.8.1 for Android

We're using the mobile app version 3.8.1 for Android, and we noticed a bug related to the priority color.

In the ticket lists, each ticket has a thin vertical line that indicates the ticket priority. In the ticket details, that line is also present. However, no matter the ticket priority, in the ticket details the line is always green (low priority)Notice the problem is only in the ticket details view, not in the ticket list view.

Could you confirm it's a bug?

Hello Lisandro,

We had this checked on the latest version of the app and it seems to be working fine for us. Could you please share your device details to and add help us with an occasional agent access( to your account so that we could reproduce this at our end? 



I've added you as an ocasional agent in our desk.

Here are my mobile device details:

Moto G 3rd generation

1gb RAM

Screen size: 1280x720 hd

Version: p2b

SKU: XT1540

Android Version: 6.0

Core version: 3.10.49-g0f734b1

System version: 24.221.19.osprey_retus.retus.en.US retus

Freshdesk app installed version: 3.8.1

I've attached a couple of screen captures.

I hope this helps.

Thanks in advance.