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Hello All,

I need an API for retrieving chat conversations so that I can monitor those conversations and also improve the type of answers provided. There is an option of exporting chat conversations of a particular person in csv/excel format. But each and every time its really not feasible to export conversations of all the visitors and send it to mail. Also, converting all chats to tickets also doesn't look feasible.

Any suggestions?

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I see this question is 2 years old, yet unanswered. Has it maybe been answered somewhere else?

I don't currently use Freshdesk, but am researching it for potential future usage, which would have a similar issue to the one Rutuja faced:

One of our requirements for a customer service tool is the ability to export large amounts of chat conversations in any usable format (CSV, Excel, JSON...).

At this moment, it seems to me that this is only possible by either

  • converting a conversation to a ticket (which would be infeasible for large amounts of conversations)
  • sending GET-requests to /v2/conversations/{conversation_id} (which would come with multiple problems (getting the conversation_ids, hitting the rate limit...))

Ideally, I would need a 'list all' GET-endpoint for /v2/conversations similar to the ones which exist for most other data objects (Agents, Groups, Channels...).
Does something like this already exist, or are there any plans to implement something like this in the near future?

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