How to get the group_id for CreateTicket


I am trying to use the freshdesk API to create tickets directly from our webapp.

We have multiple groups in our product for different languages. 

My problem is, how I can get the group_id from a special group. Is there a way to get all group_ids from the adminpanel?

I have used the API with "", but with this I dont get all groups. And later it is to complicated, when we want to add new groups.

best regards

Hello Boris,

You can use the api endpoint to display the list of groups and their related information . Please note that this function returns 30 items for the request. Please include per_page & page number parameter to obtain the complete group information available in the helpdesk.

Here's a sample API endpoint with these parameters included :    - > Lists upto 100 entities 

In case if you have more than 100 groups , please include page number parameter to view the other items not available in the initial request. 


Hope this helps!


Hello Aravind,

thanks this helps.

best regards

Great to know,Boris. Happy Freshdesk-ing :)