what is the best way to handle "work in progress" status?

I'm looking for suggestions on what might be the best way to handle a ticket that is a "work in progress".

The simplest solution would be to create a new status called "Work in Progress" but that is kind of the same thing as Open.

I have tickets where the customer gives me some information for a project that is underway. The ticket itself does not require any additional work or response but the issue is not completely resolved yet because there is work on-going.

Should I use Pending? Or create a new field and keep the status as Open?

When I look at the Views I see there is not any way to show all the Open tickets but minus the tickets that are in this non-active mode.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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Hi Jeff,

We were facing the same dilemma and on researched on best practices by leading Desk softwares and organizations. We found that there are two perspectives to this dilemma that should be considered while selecting your solution.

Customer perspective: For them, OPEN and WIP (Work In Progress) both status are effectively same. Their problem is UNRESOLVED.

Support perspective: For support, we needed to differentiate which tickets are newly created (not looked into) and tickets that are already being worked on.

We created our views as below and served our purpose as well as not making any confusing change in ticket status.

NEW TICKETS = "Open and Unassigned"

WIP TICKETS = "Open and Unassigned"

UNRESOLVED TICKETS = "Not Closed and Not Resolved"

Hope this addresses your issue. Advise you to not introduce a new WIP status.


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