Freshdesk release notes for 21st July, 2017



  • Pro-active Spam filtering: Freshdesk can now detect suspicious emails as Spam and move them into the Spam ticket list view. Our detection algorithm uses the words and links in the email to detect if it is spam and moves it to the Spam view automatically. This will enhance agent productivity and reduce the need to manually block contacts. This feature has been rolled out on our Sprout plan and will be made available across plans, in the weeks to come.

Bug Fixes(2):

  • Bug fix related to file names of incoming email attachments that included non-UTF8 characters.
  • Bug fix related to handling failure messages while creating attachments.

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I have a question concerning the "pro-active Spam filtering":

We had issues in the past with Gmails inbuilt spam filter mistakenly filtering out customer emails that should have reached our helpdesk so we turned Gmails filter off and started handling Spam by ourselves in Freshdesk.

We monitored incoming Spam and over time created and updated a Dispatch'r rule where we are able to set our own filters to prevent incoming Spam from appearing in the ticket view of the agents.

This method proved itself very efficient after we invested some time into it initially and we currently get around 5 - 10 Spam messages a day across our multiple accounts that weren't caught by the Dispatch'r rule. This is acceptable to us and the agents pre-classify these messages as potential Spam with a scenario so that they can quickly be overlooked by our admin and used to improve the Dispatch'r rule if a pattern is detected. The tickets are then classified as Spam with a bulk action and the requester emails blocked with one click. 

Given that our Spam folder in Freshdesk shows more than 10000(!) spam messages that have been filtered out over the last 30 days across our various support email addresses, this method has been extremely effective and we never ran into issues anymore with wrong emails filtered out. (Yes, we did thoroughly test our Dispatch'r and monitored our Spam folder for a while to ensure no tickets were filtered out by mistake.)

Now that you started using a pro-active Spam filtering, we're afraid that wrong tickets might be classified as Spam since this happened with Gmails filter before. 

How can we be sure this is not the case? Is it possible to deactivate this feature for our account as we implemented our own solution for this?

I noticed that mails which weren't delivered to our clients are getting marked into the spam box. 

While using our native mail client, we try to filter these mails and find out if there has been a mistake in the email address, that caused the mail to bounce/not deliver. 

However, sending them into spam isn't the correct solution, as many companies would want to find out why the mail wasn't delivered to their customers, or atleast get a notification that the mail wasn't delivered, so that they could contact the customers to let them know the mail wasn't delivered. 

In the current case, once a mail is sent from freshdesk since there are no notifications for undelivered mails, it would lead to an agent assuming that the reply was delivered. Where as the reply may have bounced  and the agent would be completely unaware 

If we could have a notification for bounced or undelivered mail, that would be great. 

At the moment they are being routed to spam, so the spam box has to be checked manually which may work but is not a viable solution in the long run if there are multiple agents working on shifts 

Hello Johannes,

Thanks for explaining your scenario in detail for Spam filtering. Currently, our solution is tuned for being very conservative and you should not be seeing any legitimate emails slip through. This surely would not be a scalable model to sustain in the long run anyway, since you would have to tweak it constantly. Maybe we can also leverage your awesome work here, and make our general algorithm better..

Can we discuss further with you on a private email about your use-case?



Hello Armstrong,

We recently released a feature to show email delivery failures inside the Tickets page, have you seen that working out? Here's a solution article explaining the feature.

Do let us know if we can help.


Hello Sudha, 

we can surely talk about our use-case in a private email conversation. 

Feel free to reach out to me whenever fits you. :)


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