timesheet content in API


I am trying to create a Python tool, that creates a report of a ticket. 

In this report I would like to print the different time sheet entry's and the note's for eacht time sheet entry.

Somehowe I cannot retreive the contents of the timesheet entry's. 

I use the following code:

import json

import requests

from freshdesk.api import API

a = API('telepage.freshdesk.com', 'API key....' )


lijst = a.timesheets.get_timesheet_by_ticket(170747)

print ([lijst])

My output is:

[[<Timesheet Entry 14000389649>, <Timesheet Entry 14000389684>]]

There are two entry's in this ticket. That is correct, but I would like to retreive the time spend on each action and the notes that the agent added to these entries.

I am not an experienced programmer. Maybe someone can help me to get more timesheet information from this api...

Thanks in advance!


I think I have done similar in PHP.

What is the API call you are using?
Are you using API v1 or v2?

I am using API v2 i think...

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