Anyone parsing incoming and outgoing messages for a ticket?

Through the Freshdesk V2 API, we're asking for:


I'd like to pull out of the returned "conversations" string the following:

  • The entire last message to requester
  • The entire last message from requester
  • The entire last private note

Anybody else doing this, too? Any advice? I couldn't find a way to request just what we want, so we appear to be stuck sifting through all conversations on that ticket to find what we want.

Yes - we are doing this.

Unfortunately, after extensive exploration of the API in addition to the available webhooks, we have resorted to:

  1. Observer rule watches for a change and executes a GET to our endpoint, providing the ticket number.
  2. Via the ticket number we retrieve every conversation and simply keep the last. 

The API devs have demonstrated descending sort on some endpoints (ex:, but not on conversations.

Horrible. Sorry to hear that you're reduced to that. And that we'll likely be as well. The idea that we cannot request classes of messages rather than the entire conversation is disappointing to me. Seems like I should be able to express exactly which messages I want through the API and get only those back.

Plus (tangent here) I'd like to be able to request the HTML and a plain text (string script and other tags) version of said messages.

@JConner, mind if I ask what you guys used for your endpoint? We don't have a need for an endpoint for anything else, so we'd be starting from scratch. Thanks.

The endpoint on our side is simple node app, leveraging the Express package for initial reception and Request package to retrieve an array of all conversations.

Thanks, JConner. We don't have any node.js experience. =(

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