Freshdesk release notes for 2nd August, 2017

New features (1):

 • The Team Huddle feature is now live on all Blossom+ plans, now you can collaborate with team members across the company to resolve customer issues faster. All new trial signups will have the Team Huddle feature.

Enhancements (2):

 •Scheduled reports will hold the verified account address as its source, instead of the Freshdesk support address.

 •Suggested addresses will now be displayed at the time of purchasing phone numbers. This is done where user provided addresses are not accepted. If there are local address requirements for certain phone numbers, the same will be accommodated in the product.

Bug fixes (8):

 •Archived tickets did not display information about its recipients. This fix addresses that by displaying recipient information when replies, forwards and notes are added.

 •On archiving an outbound email, the requester and recipient email address were interchanged. This fix addresses that issue.

 •Bug fix related to widgets not displaying synchronised data on the administrator dashboard. The fixed widgets are Today’s Ticket Trends, Group Performance Today and Top 10 Customers By Unresolved Tickets.

 •Performance Distribution report failed to display week numbers when viewing the weekly distribution. This fix addresses that issue.

 •Bug fix relating to incorrect agent name on exporting CSAT report. This occurred when the assigned agent and the survey receiving agent were different.

 •Bug fix related to lengthy ringing times occurring on phone calls, instead of routing them to voice mail.

 •Bug fix related to calls being answered simultaneously by more than one agent, on the Freshdesk mobile application.

 •Bug fix related to flawed ticket threading on email tickets when the reply to header value was null.

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