Freshdesk release notes for 8th August, 2017

Bug fixes (10):

  • Export of CSV type reports failed when archived tickets with date fields were present. This fix addresses that issue. 

  • Bug fix related to reports displaying a count mismatch, when the filter involved archived tickets. 

  • Bug fix related to incorrect ticket count, in the Performance distribution report. This occurred when a timestamp fell in the intersection of two adjacent time ranges.

  • Fix that ensures unique entries for ticket fields, created in non-latin languages.

  • Bug fix related to 'inherit parent' option, on custom fields.

  • Bug fix related to the order of ticket fields on exporting a ticket from the customer portal.

  • Bug fixes related to Latam Spanish language in the product.

  • Bug fix related to browser language detection between es and es-LA.

  • Bug fix related to 'new ticket' option in Arabic, on mobile viewing.

  • Behavioral change: All notes from a 3rd party (except for Twitter and Facebook) are now considered as 'Note added'. This was previously considered as 'Reply is sent', across observer, email notifications and ticket activities.

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Hello Team,

Can you clarify the term "3rd Party" in the last bullet point and perhaps provide an example?


Say that Observer one selects "involves any of these events" -> "Note is added"

What does she have to select for "When an action performed by..." in Observer to match 3rd parties ( ie neither agent nor requester )? Is the right choice, for example, "agent or Requester"?

Actually none of the existing choices makes any sense.


Hi Trace,

3rd Party here refers to a user who is neither an "Agent" nor a "Requester".

Ex - If a JIRA integration is enabled, and if a "Developer" (He is neither an agent nor a Requestor) posts a comment in JIRA, the comment would be treated as "Note Added". 

Hi Thanos,

You can choose Event Performer as "Agent or Requester". It includes 3rd party users as well.

Thanks Thilak.

"Agent or Requester" is not intuitive. I would prefer it if the options where checkboxes instead of radiobuttons, so one can select any combination they like, and the choices where: "Agent", "Requester", "Carbon-Copy", "Other" and "System".

We use the CC feature A LOT to get ahold of outside contractors or vendors and we need to be notified when they reply. I've asked staff to start splitting the tickets and making notes of this in the original but at the end of the day that's a lot of extra key strokes to do our job effectively. 

At the very least could we get a toggle on/off for these notifications instead of a blanket off switch? I believe this would be a great feature to implement in the future for changes: Allow the administrator to make the decision as to if we want the feature you've implemented, or taken away. It'd be fine if the default was set to off but taking away a feature (on a whim, none the less) hampers our ability to effectively communicate with clients and use the Helpdesk for its intended purpose. 

Please reconsider your stance and allow us to turn on notifications for 3rd parties. It'd be very beneficial for my organization. 

Hello Adam,

I think the Note added notification for CC recipients would still be triggered in this case - Under Admin->Email Notifications -> CC notifications.

Also, the behavior change stated here is only about the type of event being changed, not the notification being removed. Please do let us know by emailing our support team, if this is still causing an issue at your end.



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