Ticket status label translation options

Right now, any change to the status labels for customers will break the translations in the user language. It shows whatever labels are entered in the configuration of the ticket form (ex: if you customize your portal in English, all users will see the new label that you entered, but they will see it english even if you are a French or a Spanish user).

Plus, for custom statuses like Customer Action in my example below, there is no translation at all. So if I have a customer using Freshdesk portal in French, he will see this text in English below. There is no option to translate the custom status.

This is a problem because all the site is translated except ticket statuses, which is one of the most important field of the whole solution. It should allow proper re-labeling and translation of all ticket statuses, should they be custom or standard statuses.


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Hello Jean,

Though the default option to translate the fields in the respective languages isn't available, we can still use the portal customisation option available from the Estate plan and above to completely customise the look and feel of the portal using HTML,jQuery ,CSS etc.

In case if you're interested to explore this option ,please drop us a note here and we'll connect with you straightaway.


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