Firefox paste text from copy not working correctly

I am having annoying paste issues in Firefox.

#1 - I cannot paste text to the Description, Note or  Reply (any HTML forrm) in FreshDesk. The same text can be pasted fine in any other fields that are not HTML based.

This is also happening in this forum ticket message body

#2 - I can paste an image, but it's pasted twice.

Steps to troubleshoot:

Tested in Firefox with addons - still problem

Tested in Firefox with no addons enabled (safe mode) - still problem

Tested in Firefox at - I can paste without any issues.

Tested in Chrome - everything works correctly


Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit) - latest version

3 people have this problem

Sure thing,Bencurthoys. I'm creating a support ticket to take this discussion forward.


Is there any fix available?

Even after a year this issue has not be resolved.

Haven't had the problem since upgrading to the new UI.  I wouldn't expect them to bother to try to fix the old version.

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