Outbound Email Delivery Failure STILL not wokring

Hi guys,

It's great that you've managed to deliver the failed delivery notifications after year and a half SLA struggling at your clients' side.

However, it seems that you've missed a thing!

Those notifications do not work when we use the outbound email functionality.

Some of my colleagues are using these a lot and again, it impacts our SLAs since our clients expect to receive stuff on time.

And in case of a temporary mail server problem (it happens) they do not receive those regular outbound emails.

And guess what? Again, we never knew that the outbound email reached its destination.

When can we expect a fix for this? Please don't tell me another year and a half...

Best regards,


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Hi Anton,

We're happy to let you know that the email delivery notification is now available for Outbound emails . Sorry that this took a long time since the previous deployment but we wanted to gather a case for this and now it works as expected.