copy login code to homepage

Error with login form when we add code from login page to homepage.

Hello Stephane,

Can you please help us with more specific details on the code that was added to the homepage? There are certain elements that wouldn't be compatible with all the pages. Also, can you shed some light on your requirement to customise the home page?


Go to admin/ portal / Customize portal / Layout & Pages / Portal pages

Copy all the code from page "login page" and add it at the end of the page "Portal home"

The goal is to have just login possibility and creat new tickets. We just need that, no forum, no knowledge, just ticketing...

If there is a possibility to choose which page is the default it should be good...


Hello Stephane,

I would like to suggest an easier approach to get this working. You can configure the settings for forums under Admin -> Portals -> Settings section . Please check the screenshot below that will help you configure in your instance.


This will make sure that users will be able to submit/view tickets only if they login to the helpdesk and disable forums completely .

To remove the solutions tab, you can add the following code in the Portal pages -> Header section . 



And then, clear all the code preset in the Portal pages -> Portal home section . This will remove all the solution articles listed on the home page. 

Should you need any further assistance in setting this up, drop us a note here and we'll act on it right away.


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