Freshdesk release notes for 30th August, 2017

Enhancements (7):

  • Team Huddle now indicates unread messages in a discussion on a ticket. A red dot on the discuss button provides visibility for unread messages, enables quick discovery of a discussion on the ticket.

  • Tag groups in a Team Huddle. For example, a message to @sales will send both email and in-app notifications to all members in the group - sales. Only the agent who responds to the message is added as a member to the huddle and not everyone in the group. This ensures that only relevant agents are a part of a discussion.

  • Team Huddle now allows quoted replies. Replying to an agent's message sends them a notification. It is not necessary to @mention them each time.

  • The Discuss popup on text select now appears above the text. This makes it less intrusive and allows easier text select and copy paste of text.

  • Multilingual support has been added to the Robots.txt file for better SEO.

  • Answers and Insights feature for Reporting is now available in Beta. This feature is available on demand.(Learn more)

  • Added export functionality in Ticket Lifecycle report. The export can be obtained at a macro level as well as a drill down level.

Bug fixes (3):

  • Bug fix to prevent clickjacking attack via iframe

  • Bug fix related to times in the ticket scheduled export. The times are now based on the schedule creator’s timezone and not shown in IST.

  • Bug fix related to exporting reports from accounts that have custom mailbox configured.

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Where can I learn more about QnA and Insights feature?. The "Learn more" link in the update doesn't work.

The "learn more" link above does not work. It's next to the QnA and Insignts line item.

Hi Sheen, 

Awesome !!!

Small remark, there is missing link in QnA and Insights feature. Please could you add it. 



Hi Pablo / Kevin / Stefan,

You can learn more about the QnA and Insights feature here. The link on the post works now. Reach out to me if you have any questions.


Sheen Adrian

Hello everyone,

To learn more about our reporting features, Answers and Insights, please also visit our blog post which has click-through videos as well.

Please do reach out to to try out the feature!



With Team Huddle, "message to @sales will send both email and in-app notifications to all members in the group - sales. "

Can we turn off "email to members of the group". We only want "in-app" notifications, to alert only members who are available at the time with the in-app alert/popup.

If we wanted to email everybody in the team, we would forward a Note to the group email address. 

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