Cheerleader App breaks Send as Pending

Do not install the Cheerleader app from the Marketplace. It will prevent you from doing "Send as Pending" and other "Send as..." options.

Freshdesk support was quick to diagnose and resolve this issue. The app is not very useful anyways and seems to have some flaws in its display.

There really should be a comments/rating section for Marketplace apps so we can all share are feedback with the app creators and each other.

Thanks for flagging it up,Craig. We're looking to fix the issue in the next deployment and then the app would be good to use. Really liked the idea of having a rating/comments section for the marketplace apps and I'm pretty sure that the team is already working on implementing something similar to the rating system.


Thanks Craig for reporting the issue. We have pushed a fix for the reported issue in the latest version. (pls do give a shot)

I agree with you that the current version of Cheerleader App is not super useful, but pls stay tuned for the future updates. You can expect Cheerleading and Handholding of Agents based on groups/ profiles. It will be helpful for trainees to get up to the speed and can lower down the grooming time and cost. 

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