Unresponsive page when looking at a single ticket

Currently on all browsers and all systems I've tried (Windows 10, 7: surface and desktops: chrome, edge, IE, firefox: fresh installs or old previously working systems) the page goes unresponsive when we click into a ticket.

This is before even clicking on reply, or anything else on the page. The rest of the helpdesk works fine as far as we can tell but trying to provide support just on the phone app is tiring, tedious, and slowing down our ability to respond to help requests.

Currently have tried clearing cookies, cache, etc with no success. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Glad to know that,Drew. The issues with the Google integrations have been resolved completely post an update from Google.


Hello Drew,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Can you please let us know if you've installed a custom app to use Google Hangouts integration in Freshdesk? You can navigate to Admin -> Apps section and disable any of the google related integration and see if that helps to solve this issue.


This happens to us as well on a regular basis. Only a manual refresh of the page causes the page to actually finish loading.

We can usually tell if the page has stopped responding because the progress bar stops moving and the ticket properties on the right-hand side of the page fail to appear.

It's a simple fix (at least for us), but it is not ideal to have to do that regularly.

Hello Aravind,

We did but it has been disabled for some time. It seems whatever update was done last night however has fixed the issue and I am once again able to modify and reply to tickets on my surface. Shoulda been patient for that one extra day I suppose ;)

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