G Suite forwarded tickets and replies not showing up

Our support emails are forwarded from gmail/gsuite, as per Freshdesk's instructions. However, the tickets and replies are delayed showing up in Freshdesk. I see the emails come from gmail at the same time they are forwarded to Freshdesk's system, and they can take as long as an hour to show up.

This is a known issue (I was told) over a month ago. This is unacceptable that you are causing that much of a delay in my team being able to handle our support tickets.

When is this getting properly resolved?


I understand how frustrating it would be to see the emails getting created as tickets with a huge delay. Our hands were tied down at that time as the issue was entirely on our service provider's end wherein they had issues in accepting  emails from Google servers. This was identified,flagged with the highest priority and was fixed in few hours' time. 

We wanted to reduce the dependancy with the third party provider even though the occurrences of downtimes were pretty low in number. Trust me, we have been working on this for quite sometime in order to improve the overall experience of our customers.

I'm happy to let you know that we now have an home-grown system that's responsible for majority of the incoming email parsing . We also noticed that the uptime rates have been fairly satisfactory over the past few weeks. 

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We're having the same problem (again). Some ticket notifications are taking up to 12 hours to go through. WTF is the problem? You need to get this resolved because a lot of companies utilize Gmail/G-Suite for sending emails....this happened several months ago, then seemed to have gotten fixed, now (today) completely unacceptable. 

What's even funnier is that they are hosting a webinar with G-Suite. We noticed some delays today as well.