Edit option missing from some tickets

Background: when a ticket is given to me by our client services team, I process the ticket into our development bug tracker. The way I know if a ticket has been reviewed by me is by the fact that I edit the subject line of the ticket into a standardized format.

This also prevents the issue of unhelpful/generic ticket titles so we can look at the ticket list and quickly find the ones we're looking for.

Problem: once in a while, I run across a ticket whose properties can't be edited. The Edit option goes missing from the "More" menu above the ticket, so I can't edit the title, requester, etc.

I know it hasn't been edited by anyone else using Options- all they've done is assign ticket properties like priority, requester, ticket type, etc.

I've attached a screenshot of the problem.


Hello Jared,

Can you please help me with the Source for the tickets where you would find the Edit option missing? Is there any pattern that you're able to deduce from these tickets?

In general, the tickets with the source set as Outbound email won't have the Edit option by default.


By source, do you mean the raw HTML of the ticket? I don't see a place to pull that up at the moment, but I can give you a specific ticket to look at where this occurred.

I haven't seen a pattern, but it seems to occasionally when we edit a ticket's properties before making an assignment to another agent or group within our system. But even that is not consistent, since there are plenty of tickets that were edited this way and I can still edit those multiple times.

Hi Jared,

You could see the source of the ticket in the right pane "Ticket properties" . Let's chat in private about this. I have sent you an email from our support address.


Update : The reason why the Edit button didnt show up on some tickets was that those were Outbound email tickets initiated by the agents. Since the emails were already delivered to those users, the edit option to change the requester isn't available. All the ticket properties can still be edited using the Ticket properties pane . 

Thanks to Jared for helping me debug this case.


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