Freshdesk release notes for 11th September, 2017


Enhancements (1):

  • New feature - ‘Email Previews’ - Admins and agents can now preview their emails as they set them up. The preview replaces placeholders with sample data and preserves formatting. This gives users a quick view of what the actual email would look like.

Bug fixes (8):

  • Fixed an issue that breaks the formatting when adding a new row in an article, on a table copied from MS Word.

  • Inserting an article with a table into a ticket, removed the table border.

  • Fixed an issue related to Copy-paste not working in Mozilla Firefox 55. 

  • The 'View All Tickets' link was broken for archived tickets in the customer & company pages. This update fixes it.

  • Export of archived tickets failed in non-English helpdesk portals. Date filters were not carrying from the archived list page to the export window. The fix addresses both the issues.

  • When multiple attachments are uploaded, solution articles are incorrectly published. This fix saves them as drafts.

  • Bug fix related to the upvoting option on a topic reply, in a multilingual enabled account.

  • Bug fix related to the 'inherit parent' option on dynamic sections

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Hi, I reported an issue a month ago about the search function not working on the solutions section.

I thought this would have been rectified by now. It's making finding specific article types much more long winded and awkward. 

I have a ticket open and keep requesting time scales on there, but nobody can give me any idea.

I've attached an image to show the situation.



Sorry that we weren't able to provide a timeline for the bug fix. Not to worry, we'll update you with the ETA soon. For the benefit of other users - The search issue seems to be localised to specific accounts in the Free plan .


I LOVE the Email Preview - thanks for adding this!

Thanks for your love,Josh :D Keep supporting us !

This is about the "mint" view.  I like it but for whatever reason it doesn't resize correctly.  The new ticket stuff is off screen right and you have to scroll over to get to it.


This topic should be unpinned by now.
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