Wistia Video Embed not working

Hello, trying to embed video from and it's just coming out as a blank page. See snippet below.


<script src="" async></script><script src="" async></script><div class="wistia_responsive_padding" style="padding:64.06% 0 0 0;position:relative;"><div class="wistia_responsive_wrapper" style="height:100%;left:0;position:absolute;top:0;width:100%;"><div class="wistia_embed wistia_async_efor2m65fi videoFoam=true" style="height:100%;width:100%">&nbsp;</div></div></div>


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Hello Randy,

The reason why it doesn't show up is that after the changes are published, the editor strips out the script tags as they are non-compatible ( it supports full HTML only content ) . In case if there is a embeddable link for the video, you can use the embed tags to display it on the portal.

You can also use the embed video option in the article editor to load the script url and then style the block using the code view.


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