Forward to email from Windows Outlook 2016 client not working as described.

Hi All, Sorry if this is already covered somewhere, but I am unable to find anything that helps.

When forwarding an email to the support email address the ticket is raised as if being raised by the Agent himself and not by the original sender.

I have ensured that the email address from which I forward the request from is the same one as registered as an agent.

Support have asked me to change the "Preferences Attribute" but this seems to be a MAC only solution, unless I have missed something somewhere. I understand that this may actually be the issue but cannot believe there isn't a fix out there somewhere.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this.

Thanks in advance.

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I do not know where to go to activate my account? And know one can tell me how to get there? Not even support help can tell me or help me almost 3 weeks now i have all but give up on the account . I so i just give up on it thank you for nothing from 3 weeks ago . Robert David

@Carlos : By default, Freshdesk expects the email address of the sender to be available in the header text inorder to create the ticket on behalf of the original sender. 

Though outlook doesn't provide the sender address by default, you might want to give this workaround a try :


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