ticket id counter reset

Hello, my problem is that several unwanted tickets were generated, my ID counter was going through number 118 and with the unwanted tickets I got up to 150. Eliminate all tickets from 119 to 150, also delete them from the trash and try to change the id from administration, help services. I put it to return to 119 I can save, it tells me that if the changes were made but when I re-enter again the 150 appears as the next ticket. How can I do to reset this and change it to the ticket number I need? thanks for your support

Hello Juan,

I can certainly help you with this case. I'll have the counter reset from our end and will let you know.

For security reasons,we're not allowing the manipulation of the counter value on the UI. We can take it as a custom request and change the value from the database.

I've dropped you an email requesting validation for the account. Please check your inbox :)


The ticket counter value cannot be reset. In case if you'd like to start afresh, you can signup for a new account anytime.