Search Filters

When searching using the "universal search bar" in FreshService, I'd like the ability to take my search results and filter them.

For example, If I'm in the "Tickets" result list, I should have access to the "Tickets" filters, so that I can search tickets that have the word "Urgent" and are marked as "Unresolved".

Does that make sense? Anyone else with me?

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Hi Karim and Mike

Started Development on this as well as some other enhancements in search. You should get this before end of this year :)



this is implemented. 


Hi Simon

There were some delays and we hope to ship this before end of January.



Hi there,

What other enhancements are planned for search functionality? 

Any update on this?

Hi Mike

We have started rolling out these enhancements in a phased manner. Over the period of next two weeks, all accounts will see the new enhancements.

Follow this thread for updates on search status.



Yes, couldn't agree more


any update on this? the year has ended and the feature is not live.

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