Script is slow and too many requests

Hi team, 

I am a javascript developer and I found some issues with your script

1. It is loading synchronously where script tag is placed directly. Because of this the page will show as loading until the chat script is loaded. This can be a problem on slow connections in India. Instead script should be loaded asynchronously.

2. There are too many API calls. Since all these are occuring on initialization, they can be clubbed into a single initialization api to make things faster.


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I don't know if I have this problem. Too technical for me.  Also - I am not aware of having any requests?? So how can I have too many requests??


Farher help requested - How did I put in too many requests, when what ever I asked did not give me an answer? Also where did it say I could only ask so many questions, when I was not receiving any appropriate response to what I asked.


Good suggestions Kranthi Kiran. I'd like to see Freshdesk make some performance improvements so the site responds faster.

Kranthi,Patrick & Christian ,

We've made some performance related changes for the freshchat widget over the last few months. Can you please check if you're still seeing slow loading times for the widget on your page?


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