API to merge tickets - OR attach Outbound Email to existing tickets

 the Outbound Email API has been integral with our system, however normally this function is used in response to an existing ticket.  

When we send an Outbound Email - it creates a ticket.

After the Outbound Email ticket is created, we have to Merge it with the existing ticket and then close that ticket.

I'd like to do this by API - it would be best if the Outbound Email can attach to an existing ticket, however I do not see this functionality on the API.

Another option, would be to merge the two tickets after the new Outbound Email ticket is created... however I cannot find this functionality either.

Please help

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Hello Shaw,

The Outbound email function can be used in cases where the first contact is made from Freshdesk to the user. Maybe I can suggest using Conversations API instead of outbound email API in order to reply to a ticket. This will simplify the workflow and also negates the need to merge tickets . Let me know if this helps :)


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