locked and blocked

Dear sir/ Madam 

After I found out that a strange adress logged in or tryed to  on sunday morning . I opened immediately the link to freeze my account . I received the message " oops" .
I could even well not login to my account because the 2FA code was giving "error wrong code "
second attempt  and again error . I had to wait 20 minutes and so a few times .
After I made a ticket for support I 've been advised to sync the google authenticator .for the time changing that night .
Now my account is locked and for the following up of my tickets I received this message

Support portal has been blocked.

Due to high volume of page requests, we have blocked your IP address.
Questions? Contact
Could you please help me to get my account back . 
There are several balances I can't reach .Ticket ID - 502027

Hope you answer me soon 
Kind regards 
Albrecht Hanekroot 

Hello Alby,

Hope you were able to login to the helpdesk after the temporary block was lifted. Sorry that we were not able to assist you real quick with this. In cases of portal lockout or any showstopper issues, I would advise you to get in touch with our support team directly through phone or initiate a chat on .

FYA,the IP address is blocked automatically by our spam watcher if it breaches the allowed limit of requests and automatically lifts the restriction in about 2 hours .


My account is TRANTHAI123 that is locked so I cannot log in my account Please help me