Filter view not working on Win/Chrome and Mac/Chrome, Mac/Safari and Mac/Firefox

We experience a problem with the filter view:

1) Open the ticket overview list. Everything works fine, we can use the filter (Due at.... Today, Tomorrow, ...) without problem

2) The agent opens and edits  ticket and returns to to the ticket overview

3) The filter (Due at... Today, Tomorrow...) doesnt work anymore. 

We need to reload the page completely. After this, the filters are working correctly again.

Is there any workaround to resolve this?


Sad that the filters aren't working for you,Samuel. I'll have this converted into a private support ticket and one of our support heroes will get in touch with you right away.


**Updates from the support ticket**

The page performance was hampered by the extensive use of several functions (involving PrototypeJS and JSON.parse and JSON.stringify functions) in a custom app designed specifically for the account. Since the application model revolves around these functions, the app seem to have interfered with the basic helpdesk functions and so the app has to be remodelled.


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