Scenarios - Assign to Event Performing Agent not working

I have created a scenario that assigns the agent to "Event Performing Agent" however when I execute it nothing changes.

Scenario definition:


Ticket before executing scenario


Ticket after taking action looks the same as above even though the actions performed states that is was changed.  Setting other fields, like type and group works fine.



Please advise.


That looks strange,Railton. Is there any other rule that works in conjunction with the change ? I'll have this converted into a private support ticket to troubleshoot this further.


Hi, other rules which perform different actions, like changing the group work find.  Also, if include additional actions in the scenario then they update correctly.  It's just not assigning me.

I am the account administrator.  Does that have an impact?


And agent induced automation doesn't work if the acting agent is also the requester of the ticket . This is because the system offers only requester related options for the agent and hence the ticket properties cannot be modified . In case if you're working with a lot of agent created requests, it's advisable to create tickets using a different email address than the one listed in the profile.


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