Incorrect Ticket Portal URL Inserted

My company has several portals (based on our various products). Over the last two months, we've started noticing that when an Agent submits a ticket on behalf of a customer who has phoned in, an incorrect ticket portal URL (from one of out other portals) is submitted into the ticket.

I've verified that our Agents are logged into the correct portal URL before entering the ticket. 



Hi Barbara,

That shouldn't be the case if you're using the {{ticket.portal_url}} in the email notification . It will generate the ticket url based on the current portal on which the agent is logged in. However, if the agent chooses any value in the "Product" field while creating a ticket or if there are any dispatchr rules that set the product of the ticket , the url is bound to change. 

The URL would then be constructed based on the product selected on the ticket. Can you please check if this is the case on these tickets?


Aravind -- I think you have figured out the problem for us. Thanks!

Is it possible to deactivate a portal, rather than deleting it? (I am not sure what all the ramifications will be if I delete a portal.)

Good to know,Barbara. I'm afraid there are no options using which you could de-activate a portal. I would advise against deleting one as the previous links sent to the users would become inaccessible. 

By de-activating the portal, what access do you want to restrict to the users ? Maybe, we can explore the options of customising the portal to hide several elements on the page .


Is it possible to turn this into a ticket? 

The post has been converted into a ticket,Barbara.


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