Freshservice new UI update



Hope you are enjoying the all-new Freshservice UI that is clean and trendy. We have mostly received positive feedback and working on fixes for the few issues that were reported. We have decided to deprecate the old UI from December 5th, 2017. Let us know if you have any queries and learn more about the new UI here

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I hate that you moved the filter from the left to the right. That's a functional change, not a "new look". I don't mind change, and I even like the news styling, but I hate moving the filter to the right. Give us an option to switch it back to the left in the "new look" before you force us to adopt it in December.

For the most part, the new look is great .However, on the Ticket List view, you seem to have moved the "Company" filter away down to the bottom of the list.

As an MSP, this is one of our most important filters and would really appreciate it if this could be moved back towards the top again.

Why was the requester field moved further down? We use this alot when an associate calls in to see if they have any open tickets quickly. It should be at the top like it was before.

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