Can I use the Freshdesk API to know if a user exists and has been validated ?

I am developing an application that will require some sort of user validation. 

I am hoping to let Freshdesk handle all of the creation of the user account, and especially the activation email.  That way I don't have to reinvent all of that business code.

So to use my software, I'd like to have them go to and create an account.

From there, my question is, using the Freshdesk API, is there a way that my application can, with only the user email, check my Freshdesk customer db to see if the user exists and has been validated ?

Or better, for security reasons, can I get a JSON with the user info that he entered into Freshdesk, so I can check against some locally stored or entered password ?

Although I haven't tried anything yet, it seems like this may be possible, but may also require an {ID} field which I am not sure how it would be known to my application.

Any ideas, links, etc are welcome.

I don't want to dive too deeply into this until I know that it can  work to use Freshdesk as my user login database.



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Hi John,

It is definitely possible to look up for an user using an email address as the search query. Please refer to this section(View All contacts) for more information :


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