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Hi everyone!

My name is Diego, i am a software developer and i am using the Freshdesk API for search all companies related to my account. I have two questions...

GET /api/v2/companies

First: I can not filter companies by fields? Example: ?name=xxxx or ?domains=xxxx etc... 

Second: When i search all companies, the limit is only 30 registries?


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Hello Diego,

The Filters are available for Contacts but for companies, you'll obtain the entire results from the endpoint api/v2/companies. However, you can change the number of results per page using the per_page parameter. Please read this section for more insights.


Thanks @Aravind

I found it after :)

But are you planning on making this filter available in the future? It would be interesting!



I have the same request too.. I know there are pagination options.. but consider a situation where I have more that 10,000 companies, I'll be hitting the API server like 1000 times considering 100 companies are fetched per call. All this to search if a company already exists before creating a new one.

If I get 5 company registrations, I easily cross 5000 calls. Now this seems very inefficient.

Please implement a search feature in companies.



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