Two or more custom fields Contacts


I'm saving the contacts through the API...

How i send two or more custom fields in request. I get validation errors "Value set is of type Array.It should be a/an key/value pair"

All examples that found are: {"custom_field": {"my_field_name": "value"}}

Should not the API receive an array?


   "custom_fields": [

       {"my_field_1": "value_1"}, 

       {"my_field_2": "value_2" }



I'm building these fields dynamically by my application!

Thanks for all!

Hello Diego,

Thanks for posting this on our community forums. Can you please share the X-Request ID received in the response so that we can help you fix this?


Hi @Aravind

Please, disregard... 

I was putting the wrong request. sorry!

It's ok

Now, i send:


   "custom_fields":  {"my_field_1": "value_1", "my_field_2": "value_2"}


No worries,Diego. Should you have any further questions, drop us a note here or write to us on support(at)freshdesk(com)


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