Ticket created with api is not using the provided group_id


I am currently developing a web form which creates a new ticket in freshdesk (PHP API). When I open my freshdesk portal, I see the new ticket and all input fields are coming true as expected, except for the group assignment ("group_id").


The group_id is shown correctly in the response header. But when I open the created ticket, the ticket group always has the same value. It's not using the group that I'm assigning programatically.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Tim,

In case if the group ID is displayed in the response, the ticket would have been assigned to the group at the time of creation. Can you please click on Activities button on the ticket page and see if there were any Dispatchr rule that could have modified the group value?


Hi Aravind,

There was indeed a Dispatchr rule that changed the group after it was created! So problem solved :)
Thanks for the help and fast response!


Glad to know,Tim. Happy Freshdesk-ing :)


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