API filter tickets by company and status?

I would like to use the API to get the open tickets for a company, ordered by creation date.

I can use:



  to filter all tickets by company (and default sort already is desc created_at). But no filtering.

I can use a search query, but it seems company_id is not a supported ticket field. This one gives an error message.

/api/v2/search/tickets?query="company_id:{{company_id}} AND (status:2 OR status:3)"

Also tried to add query to the /tickets enpoint, but that is also not supported.

Any suggestions how to achieve the company selection + filter?

Related: all I need are certain fields (e.g. date created/updated, status, summary). Can that be done?

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any suggestions?

Same issue here. Any suggestion would be welcome !

Same here. I keep getting an error.

2020: company_id is still not a "supported ticket fields"...

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