Freshdesk release notes for 7th December, 2017

Enhancements (3):

  • Enhancement in “Answers” feature to now allow typing experience in addition to the previous click experience
  • Email delivery failure notification on composing a new email
  • Ability to start exporting  the association type (Tracker, Related, Parent, Child) in ticket export

Bug fixes (7):

  • Bug fix relating to “Send and set as <status>” feature not functioning when “Add to response” feature is used
  • Bug fix related to character encoding in Timesheet report
  • Bug fix for Timesheet report not showing data when queried on empty type fields
  • Bug fix in Ticket Volume Trends Report, relating to incorrect area graphs appearing in the trend graphs
  • Bug fix related to detecting the exact CC recipients in forwarded emails
  • Bug fix to send SLA notification emails, using accurate credentials in the custom mailbox
  • Bug fix to allow “.” characters in the support email address

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