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In portal customisation, in ticket details page using liquid code able to get only few ticket details but some of the information are not available.


Not Working: 

Need to way to print or get, what are the available properties for the ticket details page. doesn't provide details about ticket properties.

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Hi Karthick,

All the available ticket properties in the side bar can be fetched via placeholders. Here's how you can construct the placeholder:

Right-click on the element and open the console tab. You'd be able to find the name of the field using which you can create the placeholder specific to your account.

For example, if Project title is the name of the custom field, then the corresponding placeholder would be {{ticket.project_title}}


Thanks for the response Aravind.

If its custom field then i can use this approach, whereas this is default freshdesk's status field and i want the date in which the ticket is set to resolved.

Below is from Freshdesk API, here we can get the resolved date from api but there is no property in liquid. 


We can get in the string format in the details page like below image 


is there any property in liquid to provide the date in which the status changed to resolved, which is similar to   {{ticket.resolved_on}} 

Thanks in advance.

Hi Karthick,

Sorry for the pretty late response on this thread. We don't have a placeholder that gives you the resolved time but you can make use of this placeholder - {{ticket.modified_on}} which will give you the timestamp of the last update made on the ticket.


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