Freshdesk Mint release notes for 4th January, 2018

Enhancements (6):

  • Google Calendar integration with Mint
  • Ticket Templates available in Mint
  • Canned Responses and Scenario Automations for agents available in Mint
  • Freshchat Integration on Mint - Freshchat end user widget for trial accounts, estate & forest plan customers (admins only)
  • Mint is available in 10 languages: Russian, French, Dutch, German, Br.Portuguese, Tr.Chinese, Italian, Thai, Swedish and Spanish LA
  • Mail delivery failure notification for compose email in Mint

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Is there an ETA for auto-ticket assignment on Mint?


Instert canned responsed are inserted AFTER my signature. Not at the cursor position...

Very irritating :D

@Mike : The auto-assignment on MINT is already on production. Let us know if you're facing any issues with the option.

@Dennis : We're working on the cursor position issue and it's marked as one of the high priority items. You can follow the thread here to know more updates on the issue .


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