Project Management : Views

It will be great if we could have differents views  : 

- Gantt view (for tasks and projects portfolio)

- Kanban board view

- Calendar view

Thanks !


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Any sort of project reporting for a start would be useful even just a csv with tasks, assigned to and start finish dates.

Absolutely agree with Olivier, especially on the Gantt view.

I think this feature merit more votes ! :)

Yes please. We are looking to organize via a Kanban board of statuses. Jira is offering this implementation and is strongly attracting us there.


Is FreshService listening to this thread?????

This is something soooooo important. We are using a separate project management tool just because of this.

Yes, Plus Project Reporting and adding custom fields like assets.

This needs enhanced in order to even use PM effectively. It's not usable today. Can't filter on hardly anything. What are the plans?

I wonder if we take the URL to this and create a ticket to see if people at FS have this on their roadmap. Methinks no one is monitoring this thread but us.

I was told the kanban views were in beta and expected Q2 of this year. 

we need kanban!! much more important for us than the Gant charts..

Agreed, kanban needed in projects module. 

I would like to see it in more than just the projects module but all tickets and tasks visualized on a kanban board view with the ability to filter by the ticket/task types, or swim lanes that are capable of defining what goes to a swim lane by ticket or task type.
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