API Creation of eMail Messages

API Creation of eMails Messages.

Hi…  I wondered if you could advise me on the following scenario: 


I receive a ticket request for a password reset.  This request includes a third-party eMail address to which I send the new password to. 





Ticket 3920


Please reset the password for joe.blow@wabicc.org  and send his updated password to jblow@gmail.com






So,  I reset the password and obtain the new password  123abc$$



I reply to the ticket requester using the API.




Dear Ticket Requester:


Per your request, I have reset the password for



I have sent the new password to the personal eMail addres

that you have supplied.   




Larry Keyes





I also  use the API to:

Set the ticket 3920 type to “Password Reset”

Set the ticket 3920 agent to “Larry Keyes”

Set the ticket 3920 status to “Resolved.



So far so good..  and thanks for bearing with me….. 



At this point, I have been sending the updated password

to the user’s personal account jblow@gmail.com by OutLook. 


But I’d like to send it via FreshDesk. 


So,  via the API,  I would create a “note” and forward it to jblow@gmail.com




The basic problem here is that I’m not sending the note to the ticket requestor,  but rather to the private eMail of the person who is getting a new password


BTW I am doing the API calls in PowerShell, on Windows,  which is working very nicely.  I will post code to add to the API code library.  Also, I'd be happy to correspond with anyone else who is using PowerShell on Windows to work with the Freshdesk API.   




--- Larry  

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Update on the EMail issue: 

Last I heard, from FD tech support,  FD will not eMail a "third party" address from a ticket via the API  as I described in my request above.  

My solution to this has been to use the PowerShell  Send-MailMessage cmdlet. to send eMails indpendently of Freshdesk.  

Example Powershell code: 


<# Test SMTP #>
$UserName = "Joe Blow"

$Password = "myVeryFinePassword"
$Body = "<html><body>Dear "+ $UserName+":<p>We have created your new project account:<p>"
$Body = $Body + "<b>User:</b> $UpName<p>"
$Body = $Body + "<b>Password:</b>$Password<p>"
$Body = $Body + "Please log in at your earliest convenience.<p>"
$Body = $Body + "If you require further assistance, please get in touch with us at <p>"
$Body = $Body + "Agency.Help@bigcompany.com<p>"
$Body = $Body + "<p></body></html>"

$MsgParams = @{
To = $UpName
From = "Agency.Help@bigcompany.com"
Subject = "New Project Account from Agency Help"
SmtpServer = "mysmtpserver"
Body = $Body
BodyAsHTML = $True


Send-MailMessage @MsgParams


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